What’s new in custom home designs

What’s new in custom home designs

When you are undertaking a custom home construction project or a major house renovation, you would want to create a space that reflects your personality. This means that you should not focus too much on popular trends. However, it still pays to keep abreast of the current popular elements on custom home designs. Doing so gives you a creative inspiration for your own custom home renovation project. So, what’s new in home designs these days? Read through this article to discover them!


Natural designs

Hand-scraped, dark toned floors are quickly becoming outdated. Experts from the real estate industry say that grey, white and washed-wood finishes are making a comeback. Floors with matte or sealed finishes are in. Engineered products may be more expensive but they offer a more exotic appeal to homes. There are also porcelain tiles that offer a ‘wood’ or ‘natural’ look, so watch out for those too.


Open spaces

Open floor plans are starting to take over traditional home designs. In general, new builds are leaning towards contemporary styles. This does not necessarily mean that glass houses are becoming a practical choice for homeowners. Generally speaking, the latest, popular designs have cleaner lines along with standing-seam roofs.

You can choose to have a traditional exterior and still have a modern, open space inside. This means that hallways and tiny rooms will be fewer. Open floor plans are becoming more popular because they offer bigger useable space. The key is to strive for efficiency which means that all of the space should be completely functional.


Comfortable outdoor spaces

Backyards have long been under-utilised and more homeowners are starting to recognise their potential. These days, there are custom home designs that aim to make every square foot of land area useful and liveable. Patios with fire pits and pizza ovens are becoming popular elements in the backyard. On the other hand, it is worth noting that when you do not carefully budget, your outdoor space may be more expensive than your dream house. It is important to have a clear vision of what you want for your backyard and make sure that you plan your budget accordingly.


Sustainable construction methods

Whatever the style you want for your custom home design, it is important to construct it in a sustainable manner. There are many benefits to using eco-friendly and energy efficient materials and designs. You can help the environment while saving money down the road. It would be great to incorporate solar or wind energy into your custom home design. The key is to find ways to use minimal energy and harness natural light and heat for your house.


Smart living space

Aside from environment-friendly designs, homes with smart features are becoming more common these days. You can connect appliances or any electricity-powered devices to your home network and control them using our smartphone, remote or tablet. A smart home can provide you convenient living as you can have total control over things like your air conditioning, lighting and air conditioning. Even when you are away from home, you can still manipulate them so that you can reduce energy use.


Hiring a reliable custom home builder

There are three ways you can choose to have your dream home built. You can construct it yourself, hire an architect and get contractors bidding for the project or hire a custom home builder. Out of the aforementioned, the last two are usually the most practical and efficient options. On the other hand, there are more benefits to hiring a reliable custom home builder and here are some of them:


Great value for money

Instead of hiring separately, you can get a through and through construction service with a custom home builder. You can discuss your vision and budget with your builder and they would be able to suggest the most cost-effective solution. At Element Construction, we always ensure that our clients get the best value for their money. Whatever your requirements and preference may be, we can custom build your home according to your specifications.


Easier communication

Hiring a custom home builder also means communicating with a single project manager, making it easier for you to relay your requirements. You can save time and energy by eliminating the need to communicate with several people. Your project manager will also be responsible for working with the building team, making the risk of miscommunication much smaller.


Save time

By hiring a custom home builder from the start, you can avoid the bidding process which usually takes several weeks. You can transition into the building process sooner so that you can have your custom home standing in no time.


Get a quality home

When you turn to Element Construction to custom build your home, you are also taking advantage of our years of construction experience. As experts in this field, we know what we’re doing and we have perfected our practices. We have a reputation to uphold so we always work efficiently towards helping our clients turn their dream home into reality.

We won’t deny that there are several custom home builders in Western Australia. However, we can say that none of them comes close to the level of service and quality workmanship we provide. Whenever we undertake a custom home construction project, we always make sure that we follow the highest standards for quality while upholding transparent and honest service.

We assure you that we will work closely with you and listen carefully to your requirements and specifications. Trust that we will be able to come up with an ideal custom home design that will be suitable to your needs and budget.


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