Heritage Builders

For heritage builders Perth, returning an architectural gem to its former glory is a rare privilege, and it’s our privilege.

The Directors of Element grew up in the historic town of Guildford, which features some of Perth’s finest examples of federation and heritage architecture. It sparked a passion for restoration and heritage work and an appreciation of the attention to detail required to revive a masterpiece.

The team of heritage builders Perth from Element Construction WA, in Perth have considerable experience in heritage building works as well as navigating council and government red tape. We understand that preventative and protective issues are best dealt with methodically to avoid complex and often expensive problems in the future.

Get in touch with us today to discuss restoring your gem to it’ original condition but with all the modern conveniences.


Victoria Street Guildford

The original house was built in 1905, and overlooks the Swan River. A renovation undertaken in the 1960s saw the double-hung windows and lead-light entry door and frame removed and replaced with aluminum sliding windows and a range of other ‘out of character’ materials. The owners engaged an architect to reform the house to the original style, and add some modern features to suit their lifestyle.

We utilised a large number of recycled building material in the renovation including 7 inch floorboards, recycled windows, doors and frames, feature columns to the kitchen from the Fremantle wool stores and recycled Oregon skirting and architraves.

A surprising coincidence during construction was the front door and windows sourced from a demolition site in Cottesloe, were exactly the same size as the ones removed from the original building meaning, that after 100 years and 2 facade changes, the house was back to the way it originally was!

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