My motto: No Stress. Stressing out doesn’t help anything.

Christine Chapman

Accounts Manager

What I do: Building Supervisor Element Construction WA. I am also a carpenter by trade so mixing my days with on the tools work, day to day running of the jobs and office work keeps my job varied and interesting.

The first thing I ever built: A half pipe in Mum and Dads garage.

My favorite Architectural style: I like to mix modern style into older properties. I have spent the majority of my working life in London so there’s plenty of that going on over there.

Where I’d build my dream home: Somewhere overlooking a point break. El Salvador has some prime real estate but I’d need to hire a full time armed guard!

What you’d find in my man cave: When I finally have a house with a man cave, probably loads of surfboards, big TV and loud stereo.

The best room in the house: Kitchen! The fridge is in the kitchen and I love to eat.

The Strangest thing in my tool belt: Cool and cosy insulation from Ben’s ceiling.

When I’m not working: I’m spending as much time as possible with our son, I love to travel but things will have to change for now I guess!

I’m the most proud of: My wife. She made me write this.

I’m currently listening to: 96fm. I prefer JJJ but when I have the choice I’d be rocking out to some Metallica or Foo Fighters.

My greatest extravagance: I’m normally pretty tight but I could  spend endless amounts on travel. I’d hate to add up the amount of $$$ I’ve spent over the years. There is also no budget when it comes to surf equipment.

My most treasured possession: Definitely my surfboards. They always have their own bed when I’m travelling or if there’s only 1 bed my wife sleeps on the floor!

3 people I’d invite to a dinner party: I’d have to invite my mates. There’s a few famous people I can think of but there’s nothing better than hanging out and having a laugh with your mates. 

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