My motto: Remember the past…. But live for the moment… While keeping your eye ever forward to the destiny you create today.

Ben McArthur

Director/General Manager

What I do: I am the Co-owner and Director of Element Construction WA and established the Company in 2010 with my brother Adam. My focus within the Company is on day-to-day management, business development, Contract administration, Client liaison and HR. I have had 18 years experience in the building industry, which includes roles in management, business development and sales.

The first thing I ever built: A cubby house made out of bed sheets, draped over the lounge room furniture (to hide from Adam). Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve built anything much more sturdy than that since then. Lucky for me, Adam has the Building brain and looks after all of that for us!

My favorite Architectural style: I really love the federation look and feel, mixed with some modern finishes in all the important areas. That’s no doubt a product of having grown up in Guildford.

Where I’d build my dream home: Can I have 2? One on the Beach in Denmark, along the South Coast of WA for summer and the other would be in Exmouth, for winter. Following the surf and the sun… Actually I will need one in Perth to be able to spend time with Family and friends too. I’m not asking too much am I?

What you’d find in my man cave: I would have piles of Surfboards and associated paraphernalia, a huge TV (and Foxtel), stereo and a massive couch, a Ping-Pong table and a bar. Probably a jet ski too come to think of it.

The best room in the house: The Kitchen by far! Where I think some of my best work is, um, attempted.

The Strangest thing in my tool belt: The boys at work have confiscated my tool belt due to the amount of injuries I inadvertently inflict upon myself and others nearby. In the rare event I’m actually on site, these days I’m limited to sweeping, cleaning, sledgehammering, shoveling or heavy lifting only…

When I’m not working: I’m Surfing, relaxing with family or planning my next holiday…

I’m the most proud of: Without a doubt it would be my new little family! That and being able to build up and run a successful Building Company alongside my Brother.

I’m currently listening to: All sorts of good music but it depends who you ask!

My greatest extravagance: It’s probably all of my Kitchen gadgets! Slow cookers, Tagines, Pizza ovens, Coffee percolators etc. Maybe one day I can say “my 40 foot boat” but for now that’s all I’ve got and I’m running with it!

My most treasured possession: My Surfboards. There is nothing better than getting into the ocean to wash away the worries of the world. Getting to do that with a couple of mates while spending time in some of the worlds most amazing and beautiful places is the bonus!

3 people I’d invite to a dinner party: My wife, first and foremost (or ill be in big trouble), then id say Mick Fanning and my bro Adam.

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