My motto: My motto: Its not going to fix itself….

Adam McArthur

Director/Construction Manager

What I do: I am a Co-owner (with my brother Ben) and my daily duties involve coordinating and overseeing the Building operations in the office and onsite. Most of my time is spent pricing new works, meeting and discussing jobs with clients (new and existing), overseeing jobs in progress and ensuring the high standards we set for ourselves are reflected in everything we do.

The first thing I ever built: My first job was building a Colonial Style Arbor at my parent’s house in Guildford. I was at TAFE studying as a pre-apprentice at 16 years of age, and Mum and Dad wanted to see if I was learning anything. It’s still standing today, some 18 years later!

My favorite Architectural style: Don’t even whisper the word Hamptons to me…

Where I’d build my dream home: I would love to have a place around Denmark, but i think i need one in Exmouth too!

What you’d find in my man cave: Nothing too exciting really – I don’t actually have a man cave yet. I have plans for one though, and it will have all the expected items. Fridge, Stereo, Tools, half finished projects, random worthless items kept from site. 

The best room in the house: I have to say the bedroom – until last year i never had a decent bedroom, or a wardrobe, or an ensuite. Now i see what all the fuss is about. Its so convenient, and since i put a TV in my room its a great place to hide from the kids!! Plus, when they do find you they are usually happy to hop into bed and watch TV while i sleep a bit longer haha!

The Strangest thing in my tool belt:  The strangest thing is that since last week my Stanley knife and hammer are both missing and i feel completely lost without them. Its the first time i have lost my hammer in about 8 years. Buying a new hammer isn’t as exciting as you might think, when the old one is that good it feels like an extension of your wrist. I have saved it from countless wall cavities and now its just gone I don’t know what to do!!

When I’m not working: You can find me busy at home or running around after my girls.

I’m the most proud of: Both of my girls Amber and Molly. My life is very busy looking after these two but they are the sweetest little girls. They are crazy, beautiful, caring and hilarious just like their mum. Watching them grow up is very entertaining.

I’m currently listening to: AFI – December Underground.

My greatest extravagance: Going to be a boat one day, probably when I’m too old to enjoy it.

My most treasured possession: Happiness. There isn’t enough time in life to worry about material possessions. In saying that – I do really miss my hammer.

3 people I’d invite to a dinner party: James Hetfield from Metallica, in fact just all of Metallica. I know that’s too many but that’s rock n roll.

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